Friday, November 27, 2009

A Little UP Vacation

Adrienne and I traveled up N to Marquette for the Thanksgiving holiday, to be with our daughter and her gf. Marjorie and Stephanie treated us to a fine Thanksgiving dinner that was different from any that we previously had -- all vegan. I found myself not missing the turkey at all. Of course, a trip to Marquette would not be complete without doing some photography. I traveled light this time, bringing only a Nikon FM2N and 3 lenses, a Yashica A TLR, and my Canon G11.

A visit is never complete without a stop at Presque Isle Park - and a place that is always different. The wind was howling pretty good along the lakeshore, and the waves were pounding the breakwall.

breakwall action

I didn't take any photos on the West side of the park, as the wind and driving snow was too fierce to even think about taking out the camera!

The next morning after Thanksgiving, I went over to the Dead River N of the city. There was a thin layer of snow on the ground, giving everything a crisp look. The light - very flat - was great for reflections off the river.

Dead River

I shot two rolls of b&w with the Nikon, so it will be fun seeing how those came out.


Isis said...

Lindas as suas fotos, são emocionantes e bonitas. È uma aventura cada uma delas. As fotografias nos ajudam a montar a nossa história de um jeito amplo. Parabéns!

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