Saturday, October 25, 2008

Think about it

Think about it
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You have heard some pretty nasty things coming out of the mouths of McCain/Palin lately. I keep hearing the word "socialist" applied to Obama's platform. If redistributing the wealth means socialism, then, Palin is one, too. Giving $$ from the oil companies to every Alaskan makes it a socialist state. The US has one of the largest disparities in wealth right now, and the middle class, however you wish to define it, is being squeezed by so many factors. I also hear that "taxes are unpatriotic." Excuse me, talking heads, but taxes pay for all the things that we take for granted. Schools. Fire protection. Clean water. Infrastructure. Don't want any of that? Then I suggest that you move to somewhere like say, the Congo.

Now, our country is faced with two wars, a serious financial crisis, job losses in many industries, unemployment for many, underemployment for many more, and so on. When I saw this cornerstone at the firehouse in L'Anse, MI, it brought home all the things that our country accomplished at the helm of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the "new "deal" democrats.
1. Infrastructure -- how many of us have been to state parks, national parks, traveled over roads, bridges, used city services, drank clean water, enjoyed electricity? That didn't appear overnight, and much of it was the result of WPA programs. The Works Progress Administration built schools, firehouses, county courthouses, city halls, bridges, sidewalks, roads, dams, park facilities, hospitals, and more. It put people to work and much of the infrastructure in rural areas still dates from the WPA.
2. Social Security -- there was never any safety net for working class people unless they worked for some far-sighted company like Eastman Kodak. Social Security changed all that. The rich don't need it, and never did.

So, what we need is to re-energize our country with a modern day version of the WPA. That will only happen under an Obama/Biden administration. Please vote putting your country first. It's the only one we have.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not from the US but that's still quite interesting about the WPA. I wonder if something like that will come back within a few years.