Friday, March 14, 2008

Go Out In a Blaze of Glory

A shootin' fool
Sort of. I saw that Staples had an online special on Polaroid 600 film, so I figured it was worth $120 to get 120 images from the two Polaroid SX-70s that I recently obtained. There will never be another camera like that pioneering wonder from Land and his crew in 1972. Once the Polaroid film is gone, that will be it, too, for those cameras. I found out how to modify them to take the faster 600-series integral film, and luckily, I have a supply of neutral-density gels that I was able to cut up for placement in front of the lens. Because of the 2x ND filter, the view is dimmer, but having a real SLR in my hands that shoots that film, and fits into a coat pocket is wonderful. Makes those 600 series cameras look like the plastic pieces of junk that they are.

So, I have been shooting with the 2 cameras, though I like the original manual-focus SX-70 the best. I love the close-focusing, and the ability to have a blurred background. I went for a short walk down S State Street in Ann Arbor at noon today, and came away with a pocketful of photos:
An institution
Yost Arena
Honey, how about a quickie?
Hug A Hockey Player

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Seattle Photographer said...

I need to get a Polaroid. Cool stuff!