Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tawas Point Lighthouse

Tawas light
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Yesterday, Marjorie and I went on a long-overdue road trip -- the kind where we have a general destination in mind, a car filled with photographic equipment, and a day of great weather. We drove up to Saginaw, getting on M-13 from below Birch Run, and took the scenic route, which is what a Road Trip is all about. The journey is the reward kind of thing.
We spent a couple of hours in Saginaw, which has a lot of pretty architecture, though some parts of the city could use some urban renewal of some kind. The Castle Museum -- a former Post Office is a wonderful piece of architecture, and right next to that is the Hoyt Library, built in the late 1800s -- a Richardsonian Romanesque beauty! Marjorie also photographed two theaters, and some other structures -- the Second National Bank building is an ornate beauty.

We then made our way on M13 to Bay City. We were very surprised with the beauty and busy downtown of Bay City. Lots of antique stores, and quite the contrast between Saginaw and Bay City. We spent several hours there (and of course they have a STATE theater), and enjoyed walking around. Lots of small shops and eateries to explore someday.

We then made our way to Tawas along US-23 -- a route I have not been on in quite a few years. Pinconning, Standish, and Tawas are all interesting small towns. I did bring along a Polaroid camera to complement the Nikon D70s, N8008; Diana, and plastic 35mm camera. I surprised myself with some very nice images from the Polaroid, which is the featured image here.

We logged about 370 miles, and thankfully, Marjorie drove most of the way back, as I had a nasty headache that only got worse after I got home. Must remember to bring the sunglassses next time.

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Jimtown said...

Sounds like you hit some nice small towns on this trip. The poloroids turned out great, the sky is so blue in them I thought you did something to enhance them. Getting out and walking around in those small towns is something I've been wanting to do too. There's so much to see that you miss in a car.