Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Flash Photography with Film Cameras

Many months ago, I assembled a 14-page guide about using flashes with film cameras.  If you are nervous about using a flash with your film camera because you just are not sure what to do, this guide is for you.  Yes, it's easier with digital, just because you have instant feedback, but be brave! It's pretty easy to use a flash manually as well as on automatic mode with your SLR, or any camera that has a flash shoe. 

Here is the link to the guide.  It's just too much for a blog post, and I would never be happy with the formatting.  This is an easy to print 14 page guide that I hope you'll find helpful.

The link ---


My gift to you!



Jim Grey said...

What an outstanding document! I'm one of those hobbyists who's been mystified by the flashes that have come with many of the cameras I've bought. You've given a real gift to the whole community by sharing your experience! Thank you!

mfophotos said...


I am glad that you like it. I spent a bit of time putting it together earlier in the year, and almost forgot about it! Cheers!