Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Is this the end?

Yesterday, all of the online sites were abuzz with the news that Fuji was no longer going to produce FP-100C, the last peel-apart film for Polaroid pack-film cameras.   We should have been warned when Fuji stopped manufacturing FP-3000B in 2013 -- the beautiful black and white film that many of us really loved.  I love using the Polaroid Land Cameras -- the results are fun, unique, and the Fuji color film is especially vibrant.  

Some rumors claim that the FP100C that Fuji has been selling was the last batch anyway, and whatever is left in stock anywhere is all that remains.  Consequently, prices have shot up from the $8.99/pack that I paid last year, to over $32.00 on some sites.   I have about 4 packs left, so I will use what I have for special projects, and that will be it for me.  Likewise, prices for pack film cameras will tumble.

Will another company take over production the way the Impossible Project did?  I wouldn't hold my breath.  It's a niche market. Fuji is making a ton of money on its Instax film.  They have the market cornered there.   The newest pack-film cameras are 15 years old or so, and the film represents a small percentage of sales.

It is ironic that the announcement from Fuji came on the anniversary of Edwin Land's death - March 1, 1991.
The end.


s.c said...

There is a group of hobbyists in the Netherlands who started the Impossible-Film project and make black and white and color polaroid packages and sheets again.


Thats the link to see what they sell.

Mark O'Brien said...

I am fully aware of the IP film, and have purchased it in the past. For me, it's too expensive and I am through with the SX-70 and 600 series cameras. I cannot justify spending $3/shot for that film. The pack-film cameras are what I prefer to use. The New 55 project uses a positive/negative 4x5 b&w system, but at nearly $20 a sheet, is not something I can even think about using. Fuji's Instax film is fun, cheap, but certainly small.

Wolfy said...

I was able to order 30 packs from two different vendors on the day of the announcement and before anyone raised their prices. I got lucky. Such a sad day for the future of our vintage pack film cameras.

Wolfy said...

There is a petition that someone started to try and get Fuji to continue making it. Here is the link: https://www.change.org/p/save-instant-film