Saturday, February 16, 2013

They laughed at my Coke Camera

recent gift
Back in December, I was given a Coca Cola camera for my birthday (manufacturing date is ca. 1999).  It was very colorful, and as you can see above, a simple 35mm box camera with a plastic lens.  Shutter speed is probably 1/100 sec at f/11.  Pretty much like all other plastic cameras that are given away as premiums, but more interesting-looking than most of them.  As I have stated before (many times), the throw-away cameras are capable of getting some decent shots when the conditions are favorable and you use a film with good latitude.  I loaded the camera with a roll of Superia 200 that I bought at a camera swap for 50 cents, and took it around with me on several photo outings.

...but I showed them

Here are a few images from the roll.
Marc at the Raisin River headwaters



picnic shelter at County farm park

Adrienne with Nikon L100

Monstera leaves

crane roost

looking up on Huron Street

Of course, these images show that classic look that comes with these cameras -- vignetting, softness, lens aberration, some flare.  You just paid $50 for a Lomography plastic camera and you could have used a camera like this for a buck or two.  Sometimes, things do go better with Coke.


Anonymous said...

Great post

hardkoretom said...

You really just spelled it out right there. Its not what you use, its how you use it. That's why I love toy cameras.