Thursday, August 02, 2012

Time Warp in Columbus

Last Saturday, Adrienne, Abby, and I drove down to Columbus and had a great weekend there. The city is really a photographic feast, and the various districts deserve more exploration. Our main purpose was to view "The Radical Camera" exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art -- which was a wonderful and yet sobering show of the work of various members of the New York Photo League from the 1930s to 1951.

We also went on various walks around the city, and on Sunday morning, Abby and I explored the central part of the downtown area. It was nice being in a functioning city, with all of the things one would expect to encounter - coffee shops, stores, apartment buildings, banks, statues, office buildings, etc., and none of the despair and disrepair that Detroit seems to have in abundance. It was fun walking about early on a Sunday without much traffic on foot or on the street. We did encounter a strange camera shop called Chick's Camera Exchange, which is closed on Sundays, and I wonder if it is open much at all.

The sign looked promising...

Hmmm. the front window looks pretty untouched...long enough that the AA batteries have leaked out...

Looking through the front door, I saw lots of items that looked like the place was caught in a 1990s time-warp. There are kiddie bike on the floor with tags. An online search did not say that they were closed, but it doesn't look like a too-active place. maybe someone in the Columbus area knows. The store looked like a great place to explore.

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