Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kodak's Latest Color Film - Portra 160

When Kodak introduced Ektar 100 a few years ago, I was very enthused about it. That film has an Ektachrome-like palette that scans well and is fun to shoot with. Kodak has now introduced a new film, Portra 160 that replaces the 160VC and 160NC. It's obvious that Kodak is simplifying its line of films, and given the market niche, it probably makes sense. This is not 1990, when the Kodak film offerings were amazingly varied. So for now, for their professional color c-41 films are:
Portra 160
Portra 400
Portra 800
Ektar 100

I believe all have been designed for ease of scanning, since a hybrid workflow appears to be the norm these days.

With that, here is an Ektar 100 shot...

Superior Sunset

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