Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Trip Yields a Trip!

On Sunday, my buddy Mike Myers and I went on a photo excursion that took us through some back roads of Washtenaw County and west on US-12 as far as Coldwater. I shot some memorable photos along the way, and found a cemetery that I had never been to before. We stopped to look through some antique stores in Allen, which is about a dozen miles E of Coldwater. In one of the stores I found an Olympus Trip 35, which had a $9 price tag on it. I tried it out, and it seemed to work just fine. I had never owned a Trip before, so I figured that I would give it a shot.
Olympus Trip 35 (the original)

The only thing I can find wrong with it is that the ASA ring is somewhat loose, so I just have to remember to keep it in the right spot when shooting.
Anyhow, I took it to work on Monday and finished off the roll of film at home. Took the roll of Kodak Gold 200 to Walgreen's and had it developed in 30 min. A few photos for your inspection:
New wallflowers Wallflowers.

working hard so you don't have to

And finally, one from the garden:

Overall, I am impressed with this camera. The shutter and aperture work like they should, so I guess I got my money's worth! There are a ton of sites about the Olympus Trip 35. So numerous in fact, that I won't re-post them here.


Luc said...

Nice little camera! Mine has a black plastic shutter release button, yours look more pro with the metal one. My ASA ring clicks firmly at each stop and the whole thing works fine. That's what I call a robust piece of gear. Not to be compared with today's point & shoot cheapo digicams...

Your pics are quite nice and the one with the beer truck made me think about trying the Trip 35 when doing street photography. What else does a camera need to do that anyway?

According to the Olympus naming conventions, the D.Zuiko lens should have 4 elements, quite like the Tessar. Certainly better than lomographic lenses I guess. It has a good reputation for sharpness though I would prefer my RC 35 for that particular feature (as well as because I simply LOVE rangefinders).

Happy shooting to all!

Donald said...

The loose ASA ring is easily fixed. Just look up some of the trip pages and you'll find the instructions. Barring that fold a piece of a business card and use it as a wedge.