Sunday, July 04, 2010

Thrift Shop Mystery - A First Love Lost?

I was at the Ann Arbor Recycle- Reuse Center yesterday. I found some really useful photography books, a Vivitar 75-150 lens for my Olympus OM-1, an AC slave strobe that was new in box, and a Metz 45 CT-4 Potato-masher style flash. I think I spent $30 for all that. One thing I photographed there, but did not buy, was the above photo of a man with his Pentax. The photo looks to be from the early 1980s...note the hippy camera strap. Was this his first SLR? Did he become a good photographer? Was a he a Vietnam vet? Why did the photo end up there? A mystery.

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CK said...

I think it looks mid to late 70's. I had a strap very similar to that when I was 16 (1976)! BTW, Nice find.