Saturday, July 10, 2010

Forgotten Find - Braun Super Paxette IIL

My daughter Marjorie and I were reviewing some cameras from her collection that she wanted me to sell on ebay for her. I pointed to one small 35mm and asked "What about that one?" "It's not mine, it's yours" she said. I recall buying it at a local antique shop, but I don't recall if it was mine or hers, but I'll take her word for it. I do know that I never ran a roll of film through it, so I am doing that now.

The German Braun company made a number of 35mm cameras, and their Paxette series have a confusing array of names, since it seems that many cameras simply say "Paxette" on them without additional identifying nomenclature. The one pictured above is Super Paxette IIL (note - I originally called this a IL, but the fact that it has an interchangeable lens makes it a IIL, according to McKeown's catalog -- and he should know!), a compact rangefinder camera with a nice metal body. Many of the Paxettes have removable front elements that allow interchangeable lenses, like some of the Kodak Retinas. The rangefinder on this one is out of adjustment, but everything else seems to work just fine. Here are a few images from the first roll of film - admittedly, a long-expired roll of Ilford Delta 400...

Adrienne on the deck

The front garden. Note there is some flare.



saiful said...


so clasic .......


Dolly said...

That is a really pretty little camera, and I'm embarrassed to admit I'd never heard of the Paxettes. I always learn something when I visit here.

Michael Toohey said...

Welcome to the sometimes-confusing world of Dr Braun.

You do indeed own a Super Paxette IIL, & each part of that rather long handle is important in denoting your camera's features.

Personally, I think the IIL & IIBL (with uncoupled Bewi selenium meter) are the most useable Paxettes.

The rangefinder is a very basic affair and, I've found, quite easy to calibrate. The most difficult task is rewinding the reputably fragile winder spring before replacing the top plate.

Paxette's Achilles heel was the variable quality of their lenses. The best standard lens I've found so far is the Staeble Braun-Color Ultralit f2.8/50mm - definitely not as flare-prone as the Steinheil Cassarit.

shcokete said...

I had an early Paxette in the mid 1950s & still have some excellent slides taken with it on Kodachrome 25

The Smoking Fakir said...

This is not a Super Paxette II, but rather a III.

Mark said...

No, it's a IIL.