Saturday, March 06, 2010

In Pursuit of Ice


I drove out to Dexter-Huron Metropark this morning to see if I could get some photos similar to some very serendipitous images I got about a year ago. We had some pretty cold weather in early March after a bit spring thawing had gone on. The resulting ice was filled with bubbles that created some amazing abstract images. Like any natural phenomenon, it's never the same, and as the saying goes, lightning rarely strikes twice. However, anyone engaged in a long-term photographic project will tell you that preparation and persistence always pay off. For one, the conditions were not the same as last year, but I did enjoy the cool morning -- the snow, no longer acting like snow, but more like shaved ice that you would use in a snowcone. I was able to walk on top of the slowly shrinking layer of snow and make my way down to the river. The tracks of geese from the previous day were frozen on the surface of the snow at the water's edge. Once by the river, I kept looking for an area of ice that had formed overnight and had some frozen bubbles trapped in it. There were not many spots, but I found the one shown at the top. That singular area was no more than a foot wide. I found a few more in some flooded low areas that had frozen, and those provided the additional "drama" of leaves below the ice. While I was setting up my gear, I heard the unmistakable sound of Sandhill cranes somewhere nearby. A delightful moment, for sure.
I was shooting with my recently-acquired Canon A-1 and various lenses, as well as the G11. The A-1 performed well, and I'll develop the Tri-X tonight to see how I fared.
It's easy to just stay in bed on a Saturday morning, and I know I have gotten somewhat lazy the past couple of years, not jumping up at dawn to take advantage of the light, like a nature photographer should. But it's easier to do with a project in mind, and like most people, I work best when I am inspired.
Be inspired. Be prepared. Be successful.

Icy surface


Blisterina said...

These are lovely. The bottom image looks like a view through a microscope!

PGupta said...

Agreed, the bottom picture does look like something seen through a microscope. The little addition of color makes the photo really eye catching, its great!