Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mellow Yellow?

I was at the local Urban Outfitters before Christmas, and I picked one these cameras up for my daughter. It's the camera marketed by Superheadz that's a replacement for the much sought-after Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim (VUWS) camera. With a 22mm lens, this camera is much wider in the field of view than any other cheap point and shoot. It's got a cult following now, too. Unfortunately the VUWS is no longer sold, but the Superheadz version (in various colors with goofy names) is available. You might get lucky and find a VUWS in a local thrift shop for a buck or two, so keep your eyes open. I walked by UO the other day and saw that they still had two sitting on the shelf, so I bought one for myself. At $20, it's certainly pricey for a small plastic camera. Then again, the online price for these is $38! I'll try and shoot with it this weekend and see what I get. I'm sure I won't lose it with this color. Of course, there is a Flickr group...


Jordan said...

Looks interesting, and I'd buy one if I could find one. But I suspect that the toy-camera speculators around here will have snapped them up in short order.

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