Saturday, August 15, 2009



I was shopping at the local Recycle/Reuse center and picked up this 1939 Kodak publication about Kodachrome...then a fairly new development in the world of photography. When I got home, there was a package from Dwayne's Photo with my 5 sets of slides from the last of my Kodachrome that I sent in for development. Sort of a funny coincidence, and there is a span of 70 years in that photograph above. Below, a quick scan of one of my shots of Bond Falls on Kodachrome, taken with my Nikon F3HP and a ND4 + a polarizing filter.

I'll need to mess a bit with the colors from the scanner, but those slides sure do look nice.

A shot from Sunset Point (aptly named) on Presque Isle Park in Marquette. Nikon F3HP, 24mm lens, KR-64.
sunset from Presque Isle

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