Thursday, May 28, 2009

Small Worlds

 On the way into work this morning, I saw a chunk of bark on the sidewalk.   I picked up the bark after seeing all the lichen growing on it, and brought it into my office.  I shot a bunch of photos with the Nikon Coolpix 995 that I keep there for most close-up work that I need to do.  I love the way that lichens look like another world, and they certainly are ancient lineages of plant/fungi associations.  In this instance, I like the way that a 2x3 inch piece of bark can look like an aerial photograph of a landscape.  A small world, indeed.  

That is one of the lessons from macrophotography.  There is no such thing as "ordinary."  The piece of bark with lichens, the small plants in your garden, the drops of water on a leaf... they all attain a grander stature under the lens.
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Kat said...

Hey what can you tell me about this kind of camera? Vintage Kodak Pony 135 Model B someone has one for sale around here for $15 and I'm thinking of buying it

Kat said...

Also, I noticed on your photo website that you just have a small water mark in the corner of the photo. Does posting your photos on the internet make your nervous that someone might steal them?