Wednesday, December 05, 2007

On Being Photographed

My friend Kate Kehoe and I have been meeting about once a week for several years during our lunch hour. As it so happens with many of my non-work friends, we met online via Flickr. Kate e-mailed me last night that she was being interviewed as part of a piece on social networks, and that the Ann Arbor News was going to send a photographer over to shoot us during our lunch-time meetup today. We met up with Robert Chase, a long-time AA News photographer by the UM Union, and he followed us around shooting photos of us, and it was nice talking with him while we wandered over to the Law Quad on a cold snowy day. Finally, we had enough of being out in the cold and snow, and returned to the Union for something warm. Bob followed us there and took a few more shots and chatted with us while we warmed up. Kate and I were both shooting film, and Bob of course, was using his new Nikon D300 - a very nice DSLR. I was using my newly-acquired Nikon F, which made quite a contrast in technology.

I pulled out my little Canon A570 and shot this photo of Bob Chase while not looking through anything, and fixed it up in Picassa a bit. Anyhow, this isn't the first time I have been followed around by an Ann Arbor News photographer, and it will be interesting see what the article says and what image the editor decides to use.

I find it interesting that some people feel that the Internet creates recluses -- but so far, in my experience, it has opened up new avenues, and provided me with new friends that I have often met in person. The web is an amazing vehicle for social networking, and I have made many good friends via Flickr.

Edit: 12/24/2007 --- You can find the AA News article here:
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Sid said...

Mark - read the article about you and Kate, with pics by Bob Chase in the paper today!!!
Lookslike i need to come and join you and Kate some day.

Mark said...

Thanks, Sid. The online article is here: