Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Show Time!

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The opening reception for the Cheap Shots show Friday night was a resounding success, as many visitors crammed into the gallery and in the hallway and overflowed into the arcade below. I'm estimating we had over 150 people pass through the door, and thankfully, not all at the same time. The gallery was packed, and rather than take up space best saved for viewers, I spent a lot of time at the street level, chatting with friends and visitors to the show.
We had plenty of wine and munchies, and luckily, no street people caught whiff of our free booze and food. If any did, they managed to look no worse than the photographers. Thanks to Geoff and Stephen and their spouses for putting on a great sperad of food. I had not eaten dinner before the opening, so it was nice having something to eat and not just crackers and cheese and wine.
Marjorie shared a ride down from Marquette, and got to be at her first gallery showing of some of her work. It was wonderful to have her home for the weekend, and she really enjoyed the opening and talking to people.
It was a great evening for Krappy Kameras and good photographers. There were workshops held on Saturday and Sunday which were well-attended enough to pack the small gallery space. I'll be at the gallery Thursday from 3 until 7 pm, and again Saturday, from 1 to 3 pm to dicuss using old cameras.
The show info is HERE

and a piece in the Observer and Eccentric Newspapers on the show.

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