Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pleasant Surprises

I suppose I could also have titled this post something like "Develop Your Film Right Away", or "What's In the Cannister?" The other night I decided to catch up on developing some random rolls of 35mm sitting in my darkroom. There were two rolls of Ilford HP-5 that I ran through D-76. One roll was from a few weeks ago, and I knew what I would find on that one. The other, I could not remember what camera it came from before I put it in the developer. Afterwards, as I removed it from the developing reel, I saw a bunch of images that I could not place at first. Then, I realized I had shot the roll of film in one of my cheap plastic 35mm Vivitar cameras, and most were from a trip to the Thumb region Marjorie and I had taken back in late April. A few of them are surprisingly good. So, as the title says, it was a pleasant surprise. In a way, it was like taking that trip all over again, since I had to look on our marked up roadmap to find where I had taken the shot of this abandoned schoolhouse in Lapeer County.
Lapeer County schoolhouse

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