Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dave, We Miss ya!

The end of an era
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For many years, we had Dave Kozyra in town, either at Studio Center Photographic, or later, when he bought the business, and it became Dave's Photo Emporium. It was a sad day back on April 16, his last day of business. It was the best place to exhibit photographs in town, as well as a fun store to buy used and antique camera gear, talk shop, or rent a Hassleblad...

I realized I had not posted this earlier, when it was more timely, but I forgot that I had taken this shot of Dave in front of the store. Nonetheless, Dave left a void that has yet to be filled... both in camera gear and in having an accessible gallery.

Whatever Dave is doing now... I hope he is happy not to be minding a store, but he is missed by many of us!

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Rich Silfver said...

Sad thing to see these camera stores go away one by one.

I enjoyed your site - great combination of writing and photos.

Good luck and keep posting!