Monday, July 22, 2013

Beachcombing with a camera.

I was pretty busy in June, and through the course of two trips to the Upper Peninsula and back, went through hundreds of exposures on digital and film (some of which I have yet to process). The first trip to Drummond Island and back allowed me to do some shooting along the N shore of Lake Huron in Chippewa County.  In many places, limestone boulders jut out of the sand, and in others, rocky outcrops with sandy infills are part of the shore.  Luckily, some of the more interesting spots are accessible from the road.  All of the shots shown here were taken at the shore near the rest stop on M-134 W of Detour State Forest Campground.  I had not even looked at these images on the computer until this evening, so I was really pleased with what I captured from the beach.
I really had a blast with the D90 set to b&w mode, as I wanted to capture the forms, textures, and abstract quality of the rocks along the shore.  Sometimes the rocks looked like some kind of ancient ruins, crumbling back into the earth, while others looked like fossil creatures.  I could have easily spent hours there, but we were on our way home.  The light was soft, and that avoided harsh shadows, which really aided in showing texture.

I'd like to visit again, and camp at the State Forest Campground, which looked great for rustic camping.  Of course, I'd also like to shoot the rocks on film, too.   This last photograph was taken in color, and the orange lichen gives the illusion that it is a false-color photo.  Isn't nature grand?

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