Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kodak Profoto XL Film

A month or so ago, I ordered some film from the Film Photography Project Store.  Three of the rolls were Kodak Profoto XL, a film I had seen online and mentioned on Flickr, but had not previously seen in person. The expiration date is 04/2013, so to me, the film is still fresh!  I did some digging around on the net, and it appears from Kodak's Spec sheet that it was introduced in 1997, and not for the US market, as it is a "colour" film.  It doesn't appear to have the same palette as the Kodak Gold 100 line, and is more like a Portra film.  It is not a "consumer-grade" film, as it is marked "Kodak Professional" for what it's worth.

I finally loaded up my Nikon EM with a roll of the stuff, and shot at various places -- at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, downtown Ann Arbor, around campus on a snowy day, some indoor portraits, and in Dexter.  I dropped the film off at Huron Camera in Dexter and had the images scanned in by them to save me an hour at my computer.  The images below have had very minimal adjustments made to them, and I really like the look of the film.  The saturation is very pleasing, and it doesn't seem to be as blueish as Kodak Ektar.  I typically like to shoot ISO 100 films unless there is a reason to need a higher ISO.  This film has a nice grain, and I think my results are pretty good.  I highly suggest picking some up while you can.

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