Sunday, August 05, 2012

Another Nikon One-Touch Set

In 2010, I blogged about using my (new to me) Nikon One-Touch 35mm AF camera. I haven't used it nearly as much as I should, since I have so many other small cameras. However, the One-Touch is too good to let sit unused for long. In July, I shot a roll of Lomo 400 color film (made by Kodak)- which seems like an excellent match. To start out, I shot some frames while cycling around Marquette, MI back in the first week of July. The One-Touch, with its 35mm f/2.8 lens and quick autofocus is a nice choice for biking.

My daughter Jorie, on the bike path that runs from Harvey to downtown Marquette. The various bike paths around Marquette make it a wonderful place to bike around (or run, if you would rather use 2 feet). The sun was setting, but the camera auto-exposed the scene quite well.

Later in July, I traveled to Columbus, OH, and brought a bunch of film cameras, including the One-Touch. We stopped in some small towns along the way, and the One-Touch performed very well.

In Fostoria, Ohio.

Fire escape and brick wall, Fostoria, Ohio.

Inside the Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, OH.

Outside the Franklin Park Conservatory.

As you can see, this camera performs quite well, and at one time it was a highly-regarded point and shoot. If you see one of these cameras for sale in working condition, buy it. You will appreciate its heft and solid feel. The photos that came from it are not bad, either. I'll try and use it more often.

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