Monday, June 18, 2012

An ebook that's a bargain

A few years ago, I published "A Polaroid Elegy - My last year with a Polaroid camera" via Blurb. I got a lot of good comments from people that saw the book, and it truly was done in the last days of Polaroid as we knew it then. Sales have been slow, of course, but now that I have converted it into an ebook for the iPad, I hope that a few more people want to enjoy the images. Polaroids in an ebook format are really perfect, since they were never large to begin with. You can help me out by purchasing a copy from Blurb for only $2.99.

The Polaroid SX-70 was a great camera, and I miss being able to just go and buy film for it in the store. I am on the fence about the Impossible project products. When they are done testing it out, maybe then I will buy some. I still have many of the images in the book, some framed, and this one remains one of my all-time favorites. gull slide

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