Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Have Been Converted

I recently sold off my Canon Powershot G11 and all the accessories that I had for it. Although I really did get some great shots with that camera over the couple of years that I owned it, getting a speck of dust over the sensor convinced me that the tiny sensor P&S was no longer in my future. On that small a sensor, a dust speck can look like a black hole. Part of the reason is also the G-series design, as the lenses are not sealed. What did I replace it with? I have been secretly envious of the folks that have been parading around their micro 4/3 (m4/3) cameras, such as the Olympus Pen E series, and the Panasonic Lumix G series cameras. The compactness, the 4/3 sensor, and the possibility of using all kinds of lenses via adapters opens up new possibilities that I just could not get with a p&s fixed lens camera. Anyone that knows me well can attest to my love of funky lenses and using Lensbabies, Holga, and Diana lenses on my SLRs.

New Addition

So, I bought a new Olympus Pen E-PL1 body from Cameta camera for $149 with free shipping. I then bought an Olympus OM to m4/3 adapter for about $20, and used some of my OM lenses on the PL1 for a bit. I liked it a lot better once I realized there was focus peeking at the touch of a button, since one has to use the LCD screen for everything. The "Art Filters" are fun - especially the "pinhole" and "diorama" filters. I also enjoy being able to shoot in 6x6 format, and see on the LCD screen exactly the same square framing. I have had the camera for a less than a month now, and I really enjoy it more and more as I get accustomed to it.


my favorite clematis

stoplight with legs

My next purchase was the 17mm 2.8 Olympus lens, which I found as a factory demo for $189. A perfect size for this camera, and it is the equivalent FOV of a 34mm lens on a 35mm camera. So far, so good. Next, I bought a 25mm 1.4 CCTV lens from China with a C-mount adapter for $27.00 Now I'm talking cheap here, but I do love the bokeh and the distortion and vignetting of the lens. It has been getting a lot of use, and I really like my results with it.

I see the m4/3 as a wonderful tool for those of us that enjoy experimenting with lenses and filters. In addition, the small, yet well-proportioned camera just feels right in the hand. I am seriously considering selling some gear and buying the Olympus OM-D in the future. The ability to use many different lenses with adapters is very appealing, and I am always looking for a lens that will give me something different -- something that sets my images apart from others. It may not always be to everyone's liking, but it satisfies me, and my vision of what I am trying for, and that's what matters most.

A few shots with the CCTV lens...

fixing the itch

Cobblestone Farm.

Bloomin' Onion

Bloomin' Onion

Britton Mill4

Britton Mill


Tobias Weisserth said...

Welcome to Micro Four Thirds.

You should sell your 17mm and get the 14mm from Panasonic instead. It's much faster to focus, it renders sharper images and you can even get it cheaper on Ebay, where they sell it new, unused but cheap as they take the lens out of GF3 kits.

A must have lens is the Panasonic 20mm, that is certainly the sharpest lens there is, even at f/1.7. Also, the Olympus 45mm is a bargain in terms of value for money.

I had an E-PL1 last year, I sold it in favor of a Panasonic GF1 which I still have and use. I just bought an OM-D which is nothing short of awesome.

David said...

That CCTV lens makes an awesome effect. Where did you get it from? Also, I didn't know that focus peeking came on the older 4/3s, that's good to know.

Cat Daddy said...

The $149 price is a steal at Cameta. So much I ordered one and order the 17.. f/2.8 off of for $166. So excited to used it. Maybe we can compare our notes at the next Ann Arbor Area Crappy Camera Club meeting...

CatDaddy said...

The $149 price is a steal at Cameta. I had to order one too! And I was able to find the 17mm f/2.8 for $166 at So excited to use! We will have to compare notes at the next A3C3 meeting...

Anonymous said...

I have just bought a used Lumix G1 and a lens adapter for OM lenses. Anyone who has a collection of manual focus lenses should definitely pick one up for about £60 on eBay. It is just like a film SLR to use but with the convenience of digital. The big advantage of the Lumix G series is an electronic viewfinder.