Thursday, March 03, 2011

On Photographing Water

I'm teaching an adult ed class on Sunday and Wednesday, titled "Water Photography." True to my procrastinative self, I have of course, put off getting my presentation ready. I will probably finish my Powerpoint slides today, but most of my effort really goes into deciding how in-depth to cover a subject in a few hours. Any aspect of photography, any subject one can think, undoubtedly has several approaches, and many techniques and tools to consider. In my class, it will be about shooting all three phases and combinations thereof, and the different approaches and aesthetics that each phase may present.

I have always enjoyed photographing water -- some of my earliest shots in the 1970s were of the river and streams behind the house where I grew up, in northern NY. The landscape there is a lot more rugged than the flatness of southern Michigan, but even here, one can savor the sounds of a babbling brook with a little searching around.
Mallett's Creek
Mallet's Creek in Ann Arbor

Water photography is always a challenge in trying to get the best exposure. My long exposures of moving water are a never-ending search for perfection. Sometimes I do it pretty well.
Not your average fishing hole
Bond Falls, Paulding, MI

It's always fun getting a class like this together. I enjoy teaching things I am passionate about, and watching students grasp a new concept or be amazed at what a simple filter can do is fun for me.
flow 2
Canyon Falls Abstract

The class isn't just about shooting waterfalls, though. All three phases of water will be covered, with tips, techniques, and tools for each.


Random Facts said...

Great photographs! Love the last one keep up the good work mark!
From Random Facts

Alisha Stamper said...

Hi Mark, just wanted to say that I really enjoy your writing style. I am a new follower. I think you put the reasoning for preferring film equipment very succinctly. I also am a film photographer and I appreciate your point of view.

Looking forward to more great posts from you, AND checking out so much more on your blog.

Mark said...

Alisha - Thanks for the kind words. Glad to see other film users out there, and we may be a minority now, but perhaps that only adds to the fun.
Keep up your nice shooting, too!

Steve Rosenbach said...

A very nice set of photos! Canyon Falls Abstract is my favorite and really stands out. It's a wonderful composition, beautifully executed.