Saturday, March 12, 2011

Off to the Windy City

A small group of us are taking the Megabus from Ann Arbor to Chicago to see the Vivian Maier exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center. I'm looking forward to the whirlwind stop in Chicago, and given the price of gas right now, $41 round trip seems like a bargain for one person. On top of that, the drive there and back won't be a problem. We leave about 7:30 local time, and arrive at Union Station in Chicago 11:15 Central time. (On top of that, Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow). It's about a 10 block walk to Millenium Park from the station, with lots of photo ops along the way. We'll be meeting some Flickr friends from Chicago, and see a few sights, eat something, and then back on the bus a little after 4 pm.
I'll travel light-ish with one bag and 4 least 2 of them weigh next to nothing!

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