Thursday, July 01, 2010

Roadside Ramblings

M-119 Tunnel of Trees

[Not part of the MRPP essay, but this was rambling along M-119 in 2008]

Several months ago, I was contacted by Doug Aikenhead, one of the people involved in the Michigan Radio Picture Project, to see if I might be interested in submitting some of my images for a photo essay. The MRPP website was created and is managed by Nick Meador, and I have to say that it has had a very interesting series of photo essays by a number of photographers since its inception. Well, Doug really liked many of my images that had to do with some of my travels around the state, so we settled on a premise of "Roadside Ramblings." Over the course of the past two months, I put together several assemblages of images, and they were pared down by Doug to the set of 16 that are now up on the site.

For me, a photographer that takes many thousands of images per year, on so many different subjects -- deciding on what set of images to show for a particular idea or project is a daunting task. So, having Doug decide was a good way to do it, and while I might have wanted a different photo here or there, I'll go with his judgment. After doing some rewrites of the text and finally resizing the images for the parameters of the MRPP, I submitted everything and Nick Meador got it all up on the web yesterday. I'm pretty happy with it, as it shows a bit of what I do, and hopefully, it will encourage others to explore our state, too.

I thank my friend Andy MacFarlane of Michigan In Pictures blog for picking up on the MRPP site and linking to my photo essay. Most of the images were shot with "crappy cameras" but a few were not.

So, take a spin over at the Michigan Radio Picture Project and be sure to write them a note!

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