Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Hot Time in the UP

As in it's been over 90 deg. F the past two days...and it's May. I certainly have never seen it like this up in Marquette. Even when it's been hot in midsummer, there would be thunderstorms to cool things off. So, to say the least, this is unusual weather. The kind of pervasive heat that dulls your ambition. However, evenings near the lake have been very nice. This evening I shot 3 rolls of film in the Canon EOS Elan II. That's a really likeable camera, and I find it a lot of fun to use. Yesterday, and earlier in the day, I used the Canon 1000D. Tomorrow, my plan is to go to the Keweenaw peninsula. It might even be cooler there.

Little Presque Isle

Little Presque Isle. There is a bank of fog just beyond due to the cold lake water and the hot air temperatures.

Oh, and this is the Canon gear I brought up with me:
Canon Barrage

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