Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Good Things Happen... An all-black Argus C-4

From Random Camera Blog

Last night, at the Ann Arbor Crappy Camera Club meeting, Mike Myers brought in a box of cameras donated by a local resident to give away to people at the A3C3. The donor's father had apparently worked at the Argus Corporation, and brought items home with him from work. She was going to throw the stuff out, but found the A3C3 address, and called Mike, and he accepted her donation. So, Mike talks to us about the donation, and opens the box next to me at the table. I looked in, expecting to see a bunch of dilapidated old cameras, and saw this all-black camera that looked strangely familiar! I picked it out of the box, and stared dumbfounded for 10 seconds. It was an all-black Argus C-4 -- one of those Holy Grail type of cameras that we all covet, but thought we would never see, much less afford!

I could not believe my good fortune, and I think Mike may have opened the box next to me so that I would find the camera first. The all-black C-4 is rare. Less than 10 are known to exist, and here was one staring back at me! I accepted my prize, and found the leatherette in the box that had fallen off the back. The camera is in good cosmetic condition, though the shutter had seized up. Not a problem. I don't plan on shooting with this beauty. It is obvious the previous owner did shoot with it, as the hot shoe is brassed up, and the focus ring on the lens has some grime that comes from being used.

It's the first variant of the C-4, with a round viewfinder window, and round raised area on the back, and a M-F switch for flash. The shutter speeds go to 1/300 second, and there is no serial number ANYWHERE on the body. A prototype? The camera is in very good cosmetic condition. I think I owe Mike a dinner somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I believe there is a law of attraction thing going on here. Out of all the people in the world to end up with this prize, it's just great that it was you. Interesting how some things work out. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was just looking up the c-four camera because my friends mom gave him this camera. It's pretty much still brand new with the leather case and everything in it. Is there anything we could do with this camera?
We obviously have no need for it and don't know what it's worth. It's all in really good condition. If you know anyone that would be more interested in it than a pawn shop you can contact me.
thank you for your time

Anonymous said...


I was handed down one from my dad. What I am confused about is the bottom of mine is silver. While I know the backscan be changed out this one was not. It also has the raised circle pattern on the back like you mentioned.

Did yours have a SN number? I don't see one on mine.

Here is a photo of mine.