Sunday, February 24, 2008

Something Different From Me

For some time, I've wanted to try shooting female nudes, and more specifically, I've been interested in trying what is called "Boudoir Photography." For one, I want to know if I am any good at it, and do I have anything to offer that makes my work stand out from others? I don't want to be a glamor photographer, nor do I expect to try and compete with the pros out there, but I am interested in trying out some techniques and seeing if in fact, my results might be worthwhile, and if the person posing would be happy with the results. Another thing -- the internet is awash with skinny, siliconized women, and I'm not interested in that. Real women with real figures that can be photographed in a way that brings out their best, and leave some imagination for the rest. Maybe I'm a bit old-fashioned, but leaving some things to the imagination is better than showing every detail. To me, that's what eroticism is about.

So, last week, a friend of mine who was willing to be a test, spent the better part of an afternoon at my place and I shot mostly with my Nikon D-70 and an assortment of lenses and filters. I probably shot a few hundred exposures, and was really happy with quite a few.

My lighting setup was pretty simple - two fluorescent bulbs with white umbrella reflectors, a large piece of white foamcore, lightstands, a backdrop for some shots, and a tripod and a stepladder. With the space available in my living room and the limited size of the paper backdrop, there is only so much I can do. Some shots were done on the couch, which worked out very well.

I decided to forgo using flash, even though I have it available. I wanted the softer look of the lights, and that is why the tripod is so important. So is making sure the model stays very still. Overall, we were both happy with the results, and the time just flew by. I realized that I have to keep things simple and not try and do too much right off the bat, but note what works and what doesn't. This is a learning process for me, too.

Here are a few samples from the afternoon. Of course, if you are a woman and reading this, I'd like your feedback, and if you are local, and might like to pose for a CD of images, contact me and I'll see what we can arrange.


Rebecca said...

Wish I was closer......

Leesa said...

Okay, I just stopped by to say I posted today and used one of your images (with permission, of course). And, no, it is not a boudoir photograph.

I think shape is interesting in photographing nudes - that's why the perls in your photo of long ago works so well.

I like your photos. The photo I commented on my site today seems to give the impression of peacefulness. I would recommend striving for that same emotion with the nudes. The peacefulness could be getting ready leasurly in front of a vanity, doing yoga on a Persian rug, whatever brings peace to the subject.

My two cents, though this may be what I like more than what others would like.

Sid said...

Nice pictures, Mark. Not the kind of subject -matter that interests me, but, great pics, none the less.

mags said...

I like these pictures very much, Mark... the first especially, as it captures my love of vintage style (as you know).

Your description of what you hope to produce from shooting female nudes is appealing to me, too. I don't much care for glamour photography... atmospheric erotica is far more interesting, every time. Images that give a sense of the woman portrayed seem especially successful... whereas glamour stuff invariably saps women of all their character.

Hope to see lots more such shots from you, in the future!

Anonymous said...

i like these, but would like them better in black and white. there is something about the color that makes them almost too-too. I think the craft is obviously excellent and a great model. unlike everyone else, i don't like the pearls very muchh, but again, in black and white i might like them. i don't know... I would go for something softer; i hope you don't take any offense. i'm honest - i like them, but i would have done in b/w.... still again, great work.