Sunday, June 03, 2007

Memories of a Good Friend

On June 2, we had to euthanize our Sheltie, Mac. He was 11 1/2 yrs old, and although he'd had his share of health problems over the past couple of years (repaired ACL, and hip arthritis, etc.) up until a bit over a week ago, he seemed to be doing okay. Then, he started having problems, and although I kept some hope that he would rally, in my heart, I knew that the end was near. It was a very emotional week for me, watching my beloved dog become more decrepit each day, and though I know he struggled valiantly, I could see the resignation in his eyes by the end of the week. I cried more over his frailty than anything, and on Saturday morning, we carried him to the front lawn where he could enjoy a few hours of fresh air, some sun, and our love. Then, we drove a mile to our vet, and laid Mac on his dog bed while he recieved our final goodbyes and we held him and cried as he died peacefully and with dignity. That was the hardest thing to do, and it still brings tears to my eyes as I'm still grieving. I know that it was time...and I think he did in a way, too. I can't imagine the pain of his arthritic hips, and the indignities he went through towards the end.

We plan on taking Mac's ashes and scattering them in places he enjoyed. The best thing I can say is that he was a loyal, playful, smart, and lovable companion and added so much to our lives since I first held him as a puppy. He loved to catch frisbees when he was healthy and in his prime. He was protective of our cats. He didn't bark a lot -- until his hearing started to get bad. His fur was soft and whenever we gave him a brushing, it seemed that there would be enough hair to make a sweater from. He traveled well, and loved to go camping with us, and follow on hikes. Everyone that knew him loved him, and I shall always have a piece of me that is missing with his absence. Adrienne was the one that usually brushed his fur, and as much as he seemed to not want to get it done, he resigned himself to it. Marjorie loved Mac, and this was very hard for her, too. There are many memories that I have from his 11 years with us, and those, along with the images I have of him won't leave me.

I decided to go through som old zip drives and see what old digital images I might have of Mac. I have some shot with one of my earliest digicams, The Logitech photoman - in monochrome in 1996. Then, another with an Apple Quicktake 200 in 1998. I'm actually surprised that I found them. They are not the best shots of him, but they are typical of the usual pet shots that one takes.
- Mac only a few months old... Logitech Photoman - 1996.

- May 1998, Apple Quicktake 200

- March, 2007. Nikon D70s.

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Erich Zechar said...

I know it will be difficult without him - he was a good dog.

Claudia Schulz said...

i read your entry.. ;( so sorry about MAC! i know how you feel.

Bryan C said...

My sympathies. When I was growing up had a dog named Mac, also part Sheltie. Look back on your photos and remember those good times.