Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Day on the Door

in the woods
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Yesterday, Marjorie and I went all the way to the tip of the Door Peninsula (or at least as far as one can go without assistance from a car ferry). We took the scenic route (as if there are any others here) and had a good trip, getting back to Algoma about sunset. I think my personal favorite was Cave Point County Park on the E side of the peninsula:


Really nice limestone cliffs overlooking Lake Michigan. We really don't have rocky cliffs along the Michigan side of lake Michigan -- it's all sand. Of course, this Niagara Escarpment phenomenon is pretty damn cool, with Silurian limestone everywhere. We also visited the Ridges Sanctuary near Bailey's Harbor -- too early for dragonflies, but they'll be out soon. It was interesting seeing so many places not open yet as the tourist season isn't really underway here until after Memorial day. We finally found a coffee shop that had just opened for the season near Gill's Rock. Might have been the best cup of coffee I have had in a while.

Although the sky was mostly overcast, it was a great day, and we saw quite a bit along the coast. Heck, we didn't even make it into any antique shops -- and there look to be some really nice ones here. Next time.

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