Sunday, March 11, 2007

Shooting the Kowa Six

Buildng detail
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About a month ago, I bought a Kowa Six off ebay. A nice medium-format SLR that I am liking more every time I use it. Marjorie and I went on a short road trip Thursday -- off to Three Rivers and Kalamazoo, MI. Travelled along M60 to Three Rivers, and encountered some towns we had never been through before - Homer, Mendon, and Schoolcraft, to name a few.
We saw that they are renovating or restoring the Riviera Theater in Three Rivers, and a nearby warehouse had all the seats and fixtures stowed there for restoraton, which was quite interesting to see through the big windows.
Later in the day, we walked around downtown Kalamazoo, met an interesting photographer named Norman Carver and stopped at his gallery. Afterwards, we met up with Erin Dorbin, a member of the Krappy Kamera Club, and shot some more around Kalamazoo. Erin and I were each carrying a Kowa Six. That was fun!

The young photographer

a multitude of reflections


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