Thursday, March 29, 2007

Argus Revisited

Back When...
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I had a recent email followed by a phone interview about Argus cameras. A local production company, Palindrome Productions, is working on a video about the Argus Camera Company and how it impacted people in Ann Arbor and elsewhere. It sounds like a great idea, and I hope the producers get a lot of material for their movie. They are looking for vintage photos that were taken with Argus cameras from 1937 - 1960s, so if you have old family shots that were taken with an Argus, you might want to contact the producers.
Michigan In Pictures blogged the info, too, and did a great job with the Argus information.

The request follows:
Our production company, Palindrome Productions, is working on a short film about the Argus Camera Company, originally based in Ann Arbor, MI. To supplement our video footage, we are currently looking for still photos taken by Argus cameras models from 1936 to 1960.

If you have 1) family photos (everyday events, family vacations, recitals, holidays) or

2) photos of Ann Arbor, please contact us no later than Friday, April 13, 2007 at

We will need these photos for two production days (April 23 and 24). Thank you for your help in this search!

Bob and Mary Kay Berg

Palindrome Productions

I would have loved to have seen that sign when it was standing. Imagine Ann Arbor being renowned for something else besides the University of Michigan back then!

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