Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hey, it's ready!

View from the outside
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This afternoon, I set up my photography exhibit at Pierpont Commons in the Piano Lounge Gallery. I was originally going to put up 20 to 24 photos, but the space wasn't really enough. At first I was disappointed that they had been short on the hangers, but after I set things up, it worked out just fine with 18 framed images. John Baird came out at 4 to help out, and his attention to detail was very helpful. We figured out the spacing, etc., and at 24 inches apart on center, there was room enough for 18. I had the hard part of deciding which images to hang, but I think that was actually a good thing. It made me decide which images were strongest, and not that the "rejects" were bad, but I think the culling made for a stronger presentation. However, I am sure if I polled 10 people about which ones to include, I would have had 10 different answers.

A little later, my neighbor Andrew showed up, and he and John finished the little tasks of rolling up the wires, and Adrienne helped me with the legend cards. In all, it was pretty easy and a lot of fun, once I figured out which photos to hang. Before we left, several students were looking at the photos. I hope I inspire a few to use a toy camera.
Tomorrow is the reception, and I think I will have a great time!

As this is my first show, I had a lot of angst over the images -- which ones to print, the type of paper, etc. I worried about how people would react -- they are toy camera images, not photographs made with the type of control that I would normally use. They aren't snapshots, either, but things I see that affect me in ways only I know. So, it's been an emotional rollercoaster getting ready for it, and I think it's okay now for me to say, "no hands!"

Ha- I just realized that I should put in the info about the show itself!

You are Invited

And some self-promotion. You really need one...

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