Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Great Ice Show of 2007


A couple of days ago it began with some mild freezing rain, and by Monday morning, we had up to half an inch of ice on anything that was jutting away from the warmer ground. I took some shots in my yard on Sunday, when it had really just started.

But on Monday, the ice was just amazing, with the trees, grasses, shrubs, etc. coated with ice. I took a few shots on the way in to work and on the way home. For someone that has spent most of his 50 years in a northern climate, you'd think I had never seen this before. Well, since we have had such an un-wintery winter up to this point, perhaps it's partly because of the change in the weather. However, usueally when we have an ice storm, it melts off in a day or so. Not this time, as the weather has turned colder (last night it was 12°F), keeping the ice on everything. This means we'll see a plethora of images from the past few days. This is good stuff. It makes people look at nature a little differently, and makes photography so much fun, even when my hands get cold through the gloves. Those people that have to move to Florida can stay there. I like variety.


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farlane (Andy McFarlane) said...

Wow Mark, these are some spectacular shots.