Thursday, November 30, 2006

Abstract Umbrella


I was walking near the Kerrytown part of Ann Arbor on a sunny day (rare this fall) a few months ago. I walked past some metal sunshade umbrellas and saw this abstraction. I had my Holga with me, and took one shot. Never thought much about it. Last night I finally printed the negative and was blown away by the image. Had I really taken that? In this case, the b&w image was far better than I had seen with the camera, and I'm quite pleased with how it came out on paper. It reminds me of some of Laszlo Maholy-Nagy's and Man Ray's high-contrast abtracts.

I have been struggling in the darkroom for the past few times this week, trying to get back into printing, which I hadn't done for a few months. Getting the "feel" back, and getting good prints made, took me a few nights, and last night I went to bed happy with my efforts. I need to make a bunch more prints for my show, and I hope I'm as satisfied with them as I am this one.

Technical details: camera - Holga. 400 film, printed on Ilford Multigrade FB paper, Ilford Warmtone developer.

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Anthony said...

Nice to hear the backstory on that one!