Thursday, October 19, 2006

Traveling Light

Traveling Light
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I'm leaving with some friends tomorrow -- for a trip to Rochester, NY, where we will be attending Photohistory XIII. This conference takes place every three years, and features a range of topics having to do with the history of photography. What better place to go, than the cradle of American photo industry -- the city of Rochester. Historically, there have been a bunch of companies in that region that have had a lot to do with optics and photographic processes, including of course, the company once known as the Great Yellow Father. I'm not going to digress into the problems with the once mighty Kodak, but there is a lot more past there than future.

Since I'll probably be attending a lot of the presentations, I won't have too much time for wandering around -- though a George Eastman House visit is much anticipated. Consequently, I'm going light with the camera gear this time -- A Holga, Nikon Coolpix 995, and my Nikon N80. B&W film, a couple of filters, and a flash for the Holga. Memory cards and spare Li-on battery packs for the coolpix. Yes, I could have packed the D70 and that could have been it, but it seems only fitting that I shoot film in the place where the US film industry started. I'll use the coolpix for displays and at the trade show.

Have a great weekend.

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Art Moderne said...

I am sooo envious! Have fun.