Monday, October 16, 2006

Rural Magic

Afternoon Sun
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I was driving down a dirt road a few weeks ago in Sharon Township, and the afternoon sun was just perfect for those richly-colored shots. Some warmth from the low angle, nice raking light, and of course, a picturesque subject helps, too. I shot this with a recently-acquired Brownie Hawkeye Flash (BHF) -- I picked up 3 cameras on ebay for $13.50, which included the shipping. I was using expired Agfa Optima (125) film, which has great saturation.

I am always amazed every time I get a roll of nice images from these cameras, but maybe by now I shouldn't be. They have attained a semblance of cult status among certain types of photographers, and given that they sell so cheaply and produce such decent results, I am amazed that the prices haven't gone up. However, Kodak made a bazillion of them, so there is a huge supply of them out there (unlike the Diana cameras, which now go for as much as $75).

If you want to try something a little different, get yourself a BHF. Make sure that you have a 620 takeup spool for your 120 film, and if you are not developing your own film, remember to ask the lab to return your spool.

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