Thursday, July 27, 2006

canoes and a bunch of photographers

Canoe Livery
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On Tuesday evening, I met with a bunch of other Krappy Kamera Club members at Gallop Park. Marjorie joined me, and since she couldn't find her Holga, she brought the exact opposite -- her Hasselblad. Anyhow, we all met at the Canoe Livery , and fanned out from there, shooting whatever our little Krappy Cameras could handle. I took this shot with two different Krappy Cameras -- my Holga and my Meteor (an interesting 620 camera sold in 1949ish with adjustable apertures and focusing.). This shot was taken by the Meteor, and it was the first roll that I had run through it. I'm quite surprised at the results... they are not crappy. The film is J&C Classic Pan 200, developed in Diafine.

I'm not one to go shooting with a crowd, but in this instance, it forced me to come up with some subjects in a short time. Afterwards, we met at the Corner Brewery in Ypsi, which is quickly becoming a favorite place to meet and have a beer.

The Clack goes click!

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