Sunday, May 07, 2006

Small Shows

Matt Exhibit 1
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Today I attended the artist's reception at Bombadill's Coffee House in Ypsilanti. Matt Callow's "Ypsilanti Through a Pinhole" exhibit is hanging there, and Matt was on hand to answer questions and chat. It's always fun to see his work, and there were other photographers there, so we had some good conversations. Ross Orr (another Flickrite from Ann Arbor) showed up and brought along some of his interesting pinhole cameras, and it was a pleasure meeting him in person.

These small shows are a way for photographers to showcase recent work to a variety of people, and considering the paucity of gallery space (for photographers) in our area, I commend the local businesses that encourage such displays on their premises.

Best of all, Matt sold at least three images today. Now, let me see... I guess I need to do the same soon...

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