Thursday, May 25, 2006

Going with the Flow

Fleming Creek
Originally uploaded by argusmaniac.
On Monday I went over to Fleming Creek at Parker Mill in late afternoon to shoot some photos with my Diana camera. Yes, that "toy" camera. I wanted to capture some long exposures of Fleming Creek to give it a dreamy flowing look. That of course, requires a time exposure on the "B" setting, which also requires some sort of sturdy support. Oops, the Diana does not have a tripod socket - imagine that.

So, I cobbled together a tripod attachment point using Velcro and an old flash holder. It actually worked pretty well. This photo was taken on Arista 100 film, using the sunny setting (f16?) at about 6 seconds. Not too shabby, and I think my mission was accomplished.

Here is how I set up the tripod mount:

on a tripod....


Matt Callow said...

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Very ingenious and worth the assembly to get that marvelous photo!!!


MikeR said...

Very nice shot. Great idea for the tripod mount, by the way. I have a Holga, but it now seems that I need a Diana. Have you ever thought of doing a show or series using just the plastic cameras? After seeing this shot, I think you should.

Mark said...

Thanks, everyone. I need to try more of these!