Sunday, March 12, 2006

Through a Lens, Softly

Elizabeth Ponders Her Kyak
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I think I have a title of a photo book. Through A Lens, Softly. It would be a portfolio of images taken with a Lensbaby lens or any of the toy cameras, such as the Diana, Holga, Brownie Hawkeye, etc. Once I narrow it down to about 50 images, I'll do it.

This photo was taken last summer at Crystal Lake, MI, where Adrienne, Marjorie, and I were guests of Elizabeth and Vanessa. I used a Lensbaby on my Nikon FM2N for this photograph. I shot a series of them, and I think this one is may favorite. Some phoptographers get so caught up in lens tests, resolution, edge to edge sharpness, and so on, that I sometimes wonder if they spend more time being gearheads than shooting. Not that I don't like a sharp lens. But sometimes, you want to capture something else -- a mood, or a feel, and in some cases, the image is a lot like our memory of an event. Never really sharp, but the overall impression is there. I think that's where the Lensbaby lens comes in. That's one of the things I like about this photo. It's a lot like a piece of memory on film.


MikeR said...

Nice soft look from the lensbabies. I have looked at these for some time now, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. After seeing your photos here and the ones with the Lomo, I want both of those. I promise not to reveal your identity to my wife. She might go ballistic if I buy something else photographic, and if you were the one to influence me....Yikes!

Mark said...

Just show her this photo:

and she will breathe a sigh of relief. Unless of course, you already have that many.

MikeR said...

That is a ton of cameras. I need to increase my buying. Maybe I can get a second job,Hmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Hey there--if you do publish this book, remember the Amenia Library if you are giving copies away! And please check the spelling of kayak! Nice pictures and commentary. CHM