Thursday, March 23, 2006

See them soon...

Palladium Prints
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In case you haven't already seen them, the 14x20 Pt/Pd prints by Kenro Izu of the grounds and temples at Angkor Wat are really something. The show, at the Univ. Mich. Museum of Art (UMMA) goes until April 2. Platinum/Palladium prints have deep rich grays and blacks that look like no other b&w material. The images are just amazing, and evoke a mood akin to what the first western explorers may have seen when they encountered these amazing structures in the Cambodian forest.
The thought of toting around a 14x20 view camera is pretty daunting!

For more info: Passage to Angkor: Photographs by Kenro Izu, January 21, 2006–April 2, 2006

and I just found this out -- lectures coming up:

Kenro Izo talk tomorrow (Friday, March 24) at 12 Noon at the U of M International Institute, 1080 S. University, Room 1636, "Photography as a Tool for Social Activism"

Kenro Izu lecture and interview, Sunday, March 26, 3:00 PM at the Museum

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therese said...

Did you go to the talk? Are you going to the lecture/interview on Sunday??? Sounds really interesting!!