Friday, December 23, 2005

Brownie Flash Six-20

brownie flash six-20
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I love finding out new things about old things. In this case, I have a beautiful example of a a Brownie Flash Six-20. Complete with flash unit. I never thought of using it until recently, thinking that I really didn't want to respool some 120 onto 620 reels, when I have so many other simple cameras that work without the extra steps involved.
Well, I pulled it off the shelf, and was pleased to find that a 120 spool of film fits just fine. So, I am shooting with it this week -- only 8 shots on a roll of film, because the negs are those great 6x9 cm size. I am going to play around with doing some contact printing over the winter break, so I will try printing onto some ancient Kodak Velox paper. Perfect for this vintage camera.
You can read more about the Brownie Flash 620 here: Junk Store Cameras and here: The Norwood Teague Brownie Collection

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Buffett Blog said...

That's awesome! I just acquired one of these cameras. You were able to fit 120 film in there without having to wind the 120 film onto a 620 spool? (I haven't tried yet, but if it takes 120 that'd be awesome!)

Thanks for your time. I found you via Google by just typing in "Brownie Flash Six-20". Great content of both old and new.

Thanks again! :o)