Wednesday, January 19, 2005

of summers past

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It's only mid-January, and the weather has been cold the past few days. What better way to warm up than rekindle memories of summer photo shoots by scanning in some slides? Iwas looking for this specific image for a friend, and at first I was skeptical that it was any good. After I scanned it and tweaked it a bit in PS, I am much more pleased with it. It was not ideal conditions for shooting a flower with delicate pink shades, and the Pink ladies' Slipper has pink shades allright. I was on a dragonfly trip, so this was purely a serendipitous find, and I did not have all my gear. Nonetheless, it's okay. Not great, but okay. And it reminds me of a wonderful day with a bunch of fellow dragonfly enthusiasts as we traipsed about the Rifle River State Rec. Area in Ogemaw Co., MI, in July, 2002.

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