Sunday, December 12, 2004

glasswarp - reflections on reaching 48

Originally uploaded by argusmaniac.
As I sat after dinner tonight, I saw this pattern in the stem of my wine glass on the dining room table. I ran downstarirs and retrieved my Fuju S7000, screwed on the adapter tube and a 52 mm +1diopter and took several images of what you see here.
Today was also my 48th birthday...still on the good side of 50, and I guess I can't complain...much. I am having fun with photography, have a great wife and teenage daughter, am relatively healthy, and my job is pretty good.
What would I like to do in the coming year? I guess I need to finish up some dragonfly-related projects, sherpherd my friend's book through the printers, get really proficient at printing and matting, and hold a gallery show somewhere. Oh yes, and get a model or two for some art projects...

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