Sunday, October 17, 2004


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One day my daughter and I were walking around Ann Arbor at lunchtime, as we often have, and of course, we are always photographing things. A wrought-iron fence along the edge of a business property had this Rudbeckia growing through it. It caught my eye and I photographed it with my Ricoh Six floding camera. This camera has a removeable mask to allow either 6x6 cm or 6.4.5 cm negs on 120 roll film. I paid $40 for it earlier this summer at a camera swap.
I like wrought-iron fences. Decorative, yet tough. Sturdy yet you can see through them. Short, and they are just a reminder where the edge of the property is. Tall, and they seem to fence you out or in, depending where you are.

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